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With years, I have come to understand that every person is special. Why? Because there are no finger prints that are exactly the same. With this revalation, I was fully convinced that there is only one me in the whole world, there has never been another me and there will never be another me.

Having learnt this, I knew how special I was. Of late, I used to admire other people. Worse to it, I even wished I were them. But then I knew I was special. So I stopped looking else where but I devoted myself to search inside me. I begun seeing beyond what was manifest so I kept hold of the invisible for I knew it was eternal.

I didn't long to be the best, but each day I worked hard to bring the best out of me. Slowly I refused to be the victim of the system of this world. I didn't consider the evironment I was born in to be a negative factor because I was aware that all things work together for my good. I kept telling myself that I will become the best of me.

When I look where I have come from, I know I am getting there. I know I will not run out of energy for I can do all things through Christ who energises me. So I am a victor, I am what God says I am. I am God's own special purchase, bought with a price. My life is pre-destined and so I live a prosperous life for I know that the plans that God has for me are not of evil.

I am a living testimony. Glory be to the living God.

written by 

Chala Fredrick
edited by Anthony Tapa
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