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What would life be like without lyrical influence??! Certainly not bearable!!
My life is anchored on the sound of hope and inspiration  which is derived from the way that violin is played,the way those strings are struck,and the rhythm my heart dances to which echoes from the beat of that drum.
am mesmerized just how my heart leaps with joy at the sound of an angelic voice and just how its influences my desire to continuously praise and be in love with GOD!!
god has given us the power to triumph in our endeavors and that power can well be incorporated when we praise and worship in spirit and truth.
Music knocks on our doors and instantly reminds us that God is our all weather friend ,reliable and sensitive to our hopes dreams and aspirations which are never a doubt at the sound of his voice.
God marvels at the praise and worship we give him and suprises hima that our hearts are always wanting to be inseperable with his glory and endevours to blossom with every word sung, every move danced.
Our lives are so jerky and leaves us wondering why we cant change certain things but without music the task is more daunting but thank God for exalting music and making it a leeway to greater things.
Angels praise God and still do, Birds sing unto him morning and night,trees with their branches exalt him,mountains worship!! what more will we marvel and worship God with the passionate gift of music?
Music is an ever ending gift which we can use in our every situation to change emotions,influence positive thinking and move mountains to position ourselves in the right places to accept God's love and blessings in our lives!!
For me, a world without music would be undesirable.....

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