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Truly Gospel's passion to promote and enhance local talent will give our local artists a chance to touch lives through lyrical power and impact lives near and far.

Truly gospel (T.G) recently talked to one of zambia's emerging gospel artists, Alfred Sakala

Below is TG's short interview with him.

T.G: How are you?

A.S: Iam blessed, thanks.

T.G: Give us a brief background of yourself.

AS: I am a simple Zambian (laughs), born in Lusaka in 1993, did my primary education at Matero Boys and   completed my education at Kamwala High  and did pharmacy at Evelyn Hone

T.G: Great.What are you currently doing?

A.S: Am currently Jobless and praying that something will come up, while I concentrate on my music.

T.G: Talking about music.What kind of music do you do?

A.S: Am into R anb B gospel.

T.G: Sounds good.What inspired you to get into R and B gospel.

A.S: I was motivated by the likes of Boy II Men.I am convinced that if the circular R and B artists can impact the world and attract fame.I can equaly do it; to the glory of God and impact the lives of many.

T.G: Magnificent!So how long have you been in the industry?

A.S: I have been in the industry for 2 years and currently working on my album (smiles), that people should watch out for!

T.G: What challenges do you face as an artist?

A.S: (sighs) The challenge is that the music that I do, does not fit in certain churches (R and B gospel).And so its a challenge to fit into some sectors of the local gospel industry.

T.G: Are you confident that the local gospel industry can equally compete with the circular music industry which is taking dominance with the perception that it is cool. 

A.S: Far from it (laughs) it's not about music being cool.Its about singing something that will satisfy your soul and make you feel free to express yourself in the best way you can, ministering to the glory of God.Music should not be sung for the sake of it.It should be directed to change and touch lives while satisfying ones spirit, so saying circular music is not cooler than gospel (laughs again)

T.G: Lastly Alfred, what is your message to your fans and fellow youths?

A.S:To my fans and the youths, I can say that, they need to stick to God.In whatever they want to pursue in life, they shoudnt feel ashamed to face their fears; always  counting on God for everything they need.John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave his one son.That is enough evidence that God loves them and his hands are stretched out to embrace them no matter how far they have strayed from him.

T.G: Alfred its been nice talking to you.wish you all the best in Christ Jesus

A.S: Amen

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