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One of the most pertinent issues faced by humanity today is the lack of having a specific understanding of time and the seasons they are living in.

Everything revolves around time and how you use it.

In business circles this is referred to as time management.

However in order to manage your time to your advantage, you need to have an understanding of what God is doing at that particular time.


God is the God of seasons and time.

In Genesis 1:14-19, we see God creating the greater light (sun) and the lesser light (moon) to be signs for the seasons and to govern the day and the night respectively.


From the onset, we see that the purpose of God in creating the sun and the moon is to mark the change of  particular times and seasons for man.

We also see that it is God who created seasons for man.

What is time or season?

Time can be defined as a dimension or measure in which events occur; it can also be a season and a temporal interruption of eternity.

Therefore it is the desire of God that we have a clear understanding of time because God is the God of times and seasons.

It is God who determines seasons and times and it is God who changes times and seasons for a reason.


Just imagine if seasons where not changing, things would have remained perpetual.

God changes seasons and times so that man may benefit from a given season.

Every season has its own blessings; winter as cold as it may be, has its own benefits for man.

Spring and summer, all have their own benefits.

If you are able to understand these natural seasons and what they bring, you will appreciate the fact that a change in season is not necessaily to harm you, but to benefit you.

Equally, God changes seasons so that things that could have been hurting you in one particular season may not continue in the next.

If there was no change in  the season, suffering would have been perpetual, sickness would have been forever, but God changes seasons so that we may experience another season.

The Bible says in Psalms30:5 "...... suffering may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning"


You may be going through trouble today, or maybe things are not working out, dont give up, just know your new season is just around the corner.

You may be going through a sickness or  rejection or may have lost some job.

Remember, He is the God of all seasons; all you need is to understand what God is doing in a particular season so that you walk in his will for that particular moment and wait for a change to another season


May the Lord help you walk in Gods time and season.

He is God of all seasons.

Look out for the next series on Understanding Your Season.


God bless you

written by

Rev. Moffart Sinyinza









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