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God's love for music translates into the influence it has on our lives and just how much we can use its power to translate and transform unreal things into real ones.

Even though the Bible was written hundreds of years ago, it contains numerous examples of the right purposes for and of music.

Most have seen in their own lives, that music can profoundly affect emotions just as music played when Solomon celebrated the Ark of the Convent's arrival at the completed Temple (2 Chronicles 5:11-14).

Today, the world has continued to welcome new lyrics and tunes to fulfil God's proclamation that man should be an instrument of praise.

It is undoubtedly convincing  that God will continue to address us through music and his unending love for music will complement our desires to impact positively in our lives and those of others.

Am convinced that platforms such Truly Gospel are an awesome opportunity to unleash the opportunities and prospects of adding colour to the gift of music.

I don’t want to drift away but focus and refocus on the blessings  that are approaching due to the overwhelming musical influence whose content we can feel.

God delivered David from his enemies because he sang a song and believed that God would use his awesomeness to free him (2 Samuel 22:1).

You can free yourself today as you sing a new song to the Lord!!!

Written by
Chanda Kanswe

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